io-ball Training

The io-Ball enables significant improvements in the following fields:

  • Feature Balance Balance & Coordination
  • Feature Strength Strength
  • Feature Flexibility Flexibility
  • Feature Explosive Strength Explosive strength
  • Feature Endurance Endurance
  • Feature Weaknesses Strengthening chronic weaknesses

Due to its form & reactivity the io-ball helps the individual to naturally recognize and feel incorrect positions,  muscle imbalances and the direction of force/strength. The user learns to correct their mistakes subconsciously because the exercises can be performed in a stable and harmonious manner while the entire body is working correctly – A holistic approach is thus fulfilled!

It’s elliptical form, while asymmetrically applied creates a force/strength that is “answered” by unstable reactions, so that the training creates a much higher degree of precision and recruitment. The unstable characteristics of the io-ball requires constant adjustable body tension and thereby leads to maximum muscular challenge.

The io-ball training concept differentiates between exercises for movement and postural musculature. The speed of the exercises, while training, will affect different types of muscle fibers.

Large parts of the extremities (the arms and legs) provide the muscle movement that offers parallel-fibering and is thus suitable for fast movements.

The torso, abdomen and buttocks musculature form the core muscles. These feathered muscles are responsible for our stability and can develop significant strength. The io-ball training achieves greater improvement particularly in the field of postural muscles. Postural improvement happens very quickly and without thought.

The exercises are both simple and usually consist of three to five series, each with up to eight to sixteen repetitions. The intensity can be controlled depending on the position of the io-ball, which ensures an appropriate solution for each user type.

We wish you a great deal of fun and success with io-ball training!

Workout and have fun!