About io-ball

The elliptical form of the io-Ball is a revolution, because of the adaptability and intensity control provided by this new form. The io-Ball solves the specific needs required in health, sports and rehabilitation. It is a particularly health-oriented solution for all levels of training.

The io-Ball intensifies conventional training in yoga, pilates and strength training. The reactive surface, “answered” every incident force applied creating entirely new intensities because all surrounding musculature function as a unit so that control and stability is retained. This greater precision is utilized and challenged in all movements and positions. The user gets to know their weaknesses through the io-Ball and instantly finds the right solution.

Depending on the positioning of the io-Ball, users can find an easy beginning and also a maximum challenge when they are ready. This special control is made possible by the use of the elliptical shape, which also opens up a very large variation of exercises. The size and extremely light weight (150g) of the io-Ball enables it to be used anywhere and is suitable as a mobile fitness device. So whether in the gym, home or office a few minutes everyday can go a long way towards a healthier body.


As with the development of “STABY, the inventor, Andrea Burkhardt, had a special goal in mind with the development of the io-Ball: To create a tool and a program that supports and encourages the holistic training and balance to the human form as well as the energetic and fascia health of the individual. Creating balance while challenging the stabilizing musculature of the body brings health and wellness that people are looking for.

Our sedentary, technologically focused lifestyles have created an unhealthy approach to daily living. The result is poor posture, muscular and structural imbalance and poor energy. Utilizing, easy to use, inexpensive tools for minutes per day is a solution that people need and want.

The io-Ball and the io-Ball program are designed to address these specific issues affecting today’s society. The training is easy to learn, highly effective and accessible everywhere. The precise control and the direction of force is the decisive factor and thus develops the user’s maximum coordination skills. With the ever present stabilizing forces created through the surface training of the Io-Ball, a consistent interaction of all muscles is developed.

We are particularly proud that we have developed a complete new form that offers an innovative approach. Extensive testing has led to this unique elliptical shape. Thereby, the io-Ball offers a special adaptability that allows for varied intensities and degrees of difficulty. This versatility of the io-Ball is used in all areas  and provides maximum versatility and offers unparalleled opportunities in fitness, sports, rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic weaknesses.